People Making a Difference in HealthCare

Ransel Potter

Ransel Potter

Founder and Managing Partner, C3 Summit

Since 2012, C3 Summit, in collaboration with the U.S. State Department, United Nations and the U.S.  Department of Commerce, has been producing a US-Arab Summit focusing on healthcare, commerce and  economic development between the Middle East the United States, and now China.  

Given the continuing growth and importance of the healthcare sector to both regions, C3 Summit was  initially approached by leading hospitals in the US to develop a US-Arab Healthcare platform for the  sharing of ideas and solutions. Attendees hear the latest issues and solutions impacting the healthcare field.  Additionally, attendees learn of new technologies, products and services that promise to improve the  knowledge transfer of education and innovation, between the regions of the US and Middle East, to fight  the battle against borderless diseases. In 2018, we were invited to bring C3 to China, with their Ministry  of Health as our co-organizer. We had a return collaboration with CN-Healthcare in March of 2020 (see  attached) but was postponed due to Covid 19. However, we continued our virtual collaboration with the  2020 Summit and continue to explore collaborative opportunities in 2021. 


- International healthcare diplomacy skills between the Middle East, US and China resulting in knowledge transfer between the regions

- Years of developing international relationships resulting in high profile speakers and clients for summit

- Comprehensive understanding of effective client services/system processes

- Proven ability to organize and multi-task

- Strong decision-making skills

- Ability to influence a business direction/change current culture by setting the strategic long term vision

- Experienced manager of people

- Ability to quickly analyze information and creatively reach solutions and execute approach

- Ability to interact effectively with various functions including creative, marketing, legal, technology and operations members