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Experience, Contacts, and Knowledge to Create VALUE in Markets
by Applying Proven Strategies

International Business Development Group creates value by applying proven strategies that work to increase market share, promote growth, and improve profit for clients. We work in the Mission Critical areas presented in expandable headlines below. Just click to learn more.

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Acquisiton Scout, Intermediary, Advisor

Determine core competencies necessary for success.

Over fifty transactions completed representing buyers and sellers. Thorough pre-due dilligence and market research to establish true value, accomplish objectives, and avoid mistakes.

This is applied to both company acquisitions or for preparatiom to market a company for sale to a target list of best prospects. 


Arthur Rosenfield


Introductions and Relationships Mean Business

The World is Connected by Contacts.   

Contacts lead to Contracts.

People often talk of "degrees of separation."  The success of any business is proportionate to how well connected your people are to decision and policy makers.

There is no substitute for high value friendships and contacts.  Whether opening new markets, seeking funding, or looking to acquire, long term relationships with the right people mean getting business and keeping business.

The strength of the company is RELATIONSHIPS.

All Owners and CEO's know their companies.

- What is needed to grow, but may not be happening?

- What has been lost in the inertia of daily business over time?

- What is not percolating from inside because of "comfort zone".

International Business Development Group leverages its own high value friendship and contacts along with considerable experience, skills, resourcefulness, and innovative thinking to help its clients meet their objectives.  We help to identify needs and provide solutions that create value for our clients... and for their customers.

Expanded Benefit from Existing Relationships

The company is continuously building skills, knowledge, and contacts that enable value creation in diverse, high volume markets of opportunity: 


Real estate





Trade & Tourism

Life Sciences 


Foodservice and Restaurants


Communities and Community Leaders

Chambers of Commerce

The company also unlocks value creation through technology and digital empowerment.

IBDG Means Business 

Early Identification of Trends and Opportunities

Create a Competitive Advantage for your company.

Knowledge helps Anticipate Change.

Being both Strategic and Opportunistic..

Markets change. People change. Groups change. Ideology changes. 

Companies need strong bonds with many constituencies. Customers. The government. The public.

The gap between a company and its customers .

Shifts in behavior in markets, people, customers, or changes in policy effects production, design, pricing, business and financial planning. Often, a comptitive advantage can be created. 


Knowledge that can accelerate a company's growth, takes deep field work.

You not only have to know your customer, you have to know your customer's customer better than your customer does.  That is the secret to success in business.  What benefit can you bring to your customer's customer? 

How do you think differently so that you can meet your growth plans sooner?

Are your people experts in your customer's markets?

No matter what business you’re in, success is all about anticipating and meeting your customers’ needs.

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation can help you get there. 

International Business Development Group helps companies improve their customer-centric strategies, identify early opportunities, and helps to build knowledge of markets that supports growth. 

Marketing Strategy and Advisor

Expert Guidance.

Experience across US states, Canada, UK and other countries.

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding International Business Development Group in 1984, we've provided our clients with a wide range of services to help bring vision to reality. 

Importantly, we also help to prevent mistakes by applying principles of due diligence to test marketing ideas, and take facts one at a time. 

Business Performance Improvement


Improving productivity improves profits.

Business Performance Improvement starts with these questions:

Where are we now?

Where do we want to be?

How are we going to get there?

Indentifying Core Comptencies.

Business Process Evaluation.

Training Manuals.



Owners and Executives are not just smart. They each know what their company's need to grow,  and what had been lost over time because of daily inertia. 

Corporate Strategic Improvement

A Comprehensive Approach.

Our goal is to create value for our clients by identifying strategic initiatives, and applying core competencies that close GAPS.

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client up and down their food chain, and build upon existing corporate resources and strengths.  We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results based on careful research and study to determine underlying facts. 

Unique Mix of Market  Experience

Unique Mix of Industry and Market Experience.

• Energy Sales, Management and Marketing, and Management

• Real Estate Development.

• Chamber of Commerce founder & President.

• Media and Marketing.

• Industries and Cities.

• Retail.

• Internet Transaction Development.

• Travel and Tourism.

• Government Relationships.

• Fundamental Customer’s Customer.

• Outsource Executive/.

• Entrepreneur.

• M&A Deal Making.

• Rainmaker / Create Value / Accelerate, Growth & Profit

• Trained thousands of people across dozens of industries using proven strategies for high development programs. .

Industry and Technology Developer

The Path to Market.

If your interests are related to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, or emerging markets, success in any type of technology requires capital and people with extraordinary knowledge and skills in their field. Business plans need to reflect customer facts, competition, exit strategy for investors, and realistic ROI. Scientists and Programmers need the support of business people with successful backgrounds and deep experience. 

Strategic PR and Business Development

Strategic Public Relations requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of each of the company's many stakeholders.

International Business Development Group works with your company to create a Strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and its various publics.

We always start with:

By applying non-traditional strategies and traditional techniques, we support your objectives.

Gaining exposure and support for an underlying idea, and communicate the CORE CONCEPTS AND VALUES of your company.

Government PR helps to set up a correct attitude towards the political perspectives held by the company.

We help establish and maintain relationships with an organisation's target audience, the media, relevant trade media, and other opinion leaders.

We help to prepare a company for press conferences, media interviews and speeches, writing website and social media content, managing company reputation (crisis management), managing internal communications, and marketing activities like brand awareness and event management.

The public relations professional must know how to effectively address those concerns using the most powerful tool of the public relations trade, which is publicity.

Many types, for example the product public relations, financial public relationss, corporate public relations, employee public relations and government public relations.

Product PR is managing the release of new products into the market.

Financial PR is to build up a relation with shareholders and customers.

Corporate PR helps communicate the core conception of the companies for customers. 

Employee PR focuses on the employees and HR. 

Government PR is to help set up a correct attitude towards the political perspectives held by the company. 

Place-making and Social Value Creation. 

Comments on Future Economy

Improving the value of a community

Place-making is branding the collective real estate of a community or municipality for the purpose of stimulating the economy, jobs, and investment for the ultimate purpose of creating value.

The strategies recognize that a "place" being "made" requires a collaboration and the cooperation of developers, real estate investors, stakeholders, banks, local business owners, community leaders, government, etc. who all figure out how to create value collaboratively.

The topic is widely known as part of attracting the CREATIVE CLASS to former industrial cities which need to be re-imagined in order for people to flourish and for economic development to occur.

We began this process in Long Island City with a Community Symposium February 27/28, 2013.   Johns Hopkins University is a center of study and application of Place-making, and its Associate Professor of the Carey Business School assisted along with our collague, David Wilk, an authority on Place-making and Corporate Value Creation.

Facts and Assumptions that Support Investment in Growth and Business Development Today. 

The NOW Factor

Various Local, Regional, and National markets and categories of customers served by your company  will benefit from an unprecedented SURGE of underlying economic support based on FIVE FACTORS that are happening right NOW.

The First factor that is changing the business community, due to special commitments by the Trump Administration, there is expected to be a $3.0 Trillion surge in re-patriated capital to the United States.

The Second factor is that Construction and Infrastructure projects in the United States will benefit from  both Tax law changes as well as re-patriation of capital.

The Third factor that is unique is that the 421 A program in New York was dormant for over a year and construction commitments dropped. That is now reversed and the New York State Affordable Housing Act will mean major commitments to large scale commitments of all types.

The Fourth factor is that ENERGY Costs are increasing, refocusing attention on efficiency, staying local and buying local ..

The Fifth factor is that the recent changes in banking regulations will mean that Community Banks will be less regulated and therefore able to support the local business community….lifting the barriers that

have prevented small business growth since Dodd-Frank was passed.


[Appearing on CATS ROUNDTABLE, 970AM The Answer, Interviewed by John Catsimatidis]

This will mean a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY 

Benefits of Taking Action NOW

If your company acts on a unique opportunity, it will enjoy the benefits of high development growth.

Consequences of Not Taking Action NOW

Failure to take advantage of the inevitable surge in demand will leave your company in a status quo position, or loss of market share. 

Building a Knowledgebase

A Knowledge Base is a store of information.

Information about markets, customers, products, facts, people, procedures, proposals, letters, and ideas collected over time and available to a team empowers its members with knowledge.

Customer Relationship Management is only one aspect of a Knowledge Base.

If set up correctly, it can significantly improve your customers experience with your company. 

"Bring Me the Winner"

An older jewish gentleman  walked into a restaurant, sat down at a table, and looked at the menu. After a while the waiter came to the table and asked for the man's order.

The man replied that he would like a lobster.

A few minutes later, the waiter returned to the table with a lobster...with just one claw.

The old jewish man looked at the lobster that had just one claw. 

He said to the waiter, "This lobster has only one claw."

The waiter explained that "the lobsters are flown in from Maine. They are in tanks. The lobsters fight. This one lost his claw."

The old jewish man replied "Then Bring me the Winner!"

International Business Development Group creates value by applying proven strategies that work to increase market share, promote growth, and improve profit for clients. We work in the Mission Critical areas presented in expandable headlines above. Just click to learn more.