The Power to Grow


NYC and USA are Enduring Beacons of Opportunity

Jobs, Talent, Workforce, Executives

Social Mobility

Growing Economy

Support for Entrepreneurs and Small Business


Competing Effectively in NYC and USA

InternationalBDG Credentials

Know your Resource

NYC and USA Opportunity Zones

What we Have in the United States

The Safest Government in the world.

Government is no longer the enemy of business.

New Tax rates and Code that Supports Business and


A system that supports entrepreneurship.

A system that supports scientific and engineering Innovation.

 Reduced regulation.

The World Melting Pot Fueling Growth

Understanding the Scope of the Opportunity

Focusing on What is Viable

Understanding the Airports in the USA

It Takes aLot of Capital to Stay in the Game

Due Dilligence. Get the Facts Before you Start

Consequences of Not Taking Action NOW

Start with a Database Market Analsis and a 3-D Map of thew Market Uo and Down the Food Chain

Presenting to Your Board

Connectiv with Centers of Influence Uo and Down the Food Chanin in Target Markets

You Musst Not Rely on Internet Except for Research

You Must work the Market Via Insider Connections

Recognize the NYC is Structured by Five Boroughs

You Must Understand the Cultural Differences of Doing Business in NYC  It is not Just Language Battiers. NYC and USA are MultiCultural

Ne Aware of Government Contracts and Grants that Provide Financing to Create Jobs.

Minority and Woman Owned Enterprises Have Tax and Contract Benefits.

Learn the Resources that Are Availanle

Kearn the Resourced that are availanle

Contract Basics - Expectations

Follow NYCEDC and other EDCs in the US.

Where are the new Tech Corridors

Where are the new Fashion / Film / Talent Centers

What is Place -making and what GeoCenters are Likely to Emerge as places.

Who are Champions of Tourism?

Trend in Cost of Business and Cost of Living by Region

The Role of Universities in Start-up NY

Empire State Development Corp

Following Real Estate Development in Residential and Commercial Markets

Checklist for OutreachUSA for Investment in USA Businesses

NYC Growth and Population Decline

36 Initiatives to Grow Jobs in NYC.  Where can your company Fit?

THE POWER TO GROW Means a commitment and Communication by Everyone.

Strategic. Financial. and Nusiness Development Group

New York City, New York


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