Mission for 1stDay

The Mission for 1sDay is to advance Peace and Prosperity

~ A Voice is Needed ~ 

We provide a common communication platform that connects business people, diplomats,  media, religious leaders, educators, professionals, and elected officials for the purpose of  open, dynamic exchange and to identify resources. 

Our objective is to establish communication channels between leaders in different areas of  society who might not otherwise be able to reach out to each other. We invite your  cooperation, participation, and support as we build a network of people of goodwill and  resources who want to share this "voice".  

~ Begin with the 1stDay ~ 

All important Geo-Political change starts with a vision and is then followed by people doing  the 1st most important thing. What you do as your priority completely depends on your  expertise and your advocacy. 

Today, there are many good people that are not communicating with each other because  they do not have a path to reach out and access one another....they don't have ‘a place to go’  to do it.  

1stDay.org has the view that diverse interests can be attracted through special interest experts  and advocates; and, then brought together through a common platform making  communication possible. 

Everything in our new world will begin with the "1st Day".

A New Opportunity for a New Type of Forum 

The world we live in has become increasingly complex and threatening. It requires leaders  across all areas to communicate better, and in new ways using the internet. We also need to  create ways to improve cross communication between those constituencies that have not  had a mechanism to reach out to each other. The creation of the UN after WWII was an  attempt to create a forum for communication to avoid wars and to deal with the emerging  needs of developing countries. The internet has created a new opportunity to build the  same kind of forum that reaches out to people across diverse areas. 

We will invite their participation as we build a network of people of goodwill and resources  who want to share this 'voice'. 

Collaboration tor Human Progress

An RFP system for Human Development Projects

Through our segmentation strategy and specific niche services. we can get the right messages to the right people: and, if we can build a path for communication between these people, we can make change.

The first role 1stDay must play is to be a cataloger and facilitator of ideas that help to solve problems and improve upon the status quo. It can then become an exchange for human resources, Capital resources, and other needed resources that can effect change. 

Through our segmentation strategy and specific niche services, we can get the right messages  to the right people; and, if we can build a path for communication between these people, we  can make change. 

 - Proposals 

 - Resources 

 - Dialog 

Attract Proposals, Resources, and Dialog

In order to achieve this, the model we have developed becomes very effective. That is,  the combination of segmentation and niches with an overlay of technology that supports  interactivity, communication, matching, publishing, and data management.  

 - Searching 

 - Matching 

 - Tracking 

 - Content Management  

 - Data architecture 

This creates both the community and the engine for Human and Economic Development  Projects.

Proposals - Resources Dialog

Build The Path for Communication

Relevant topic areas are part of 1stDay. Each specializes in just one area of societal interests. These areas serve to offer participants services within interest clusters... just like we had successfully done earlier with the BizWiz Network. Each offers marketing and fundraising opportunities. Each has the ability to attract a constituency that will make the total service work because of the portfolio. It is essentially, the same concept as BizWiz, made possible by the internet, but applied differently.

1stDay / 1stVoice

Business and Trade are an Anchor 

Most importantly, we not only have the existing technology to implement 1stDay, we also  have strength in an existing ANCHOR for this service.  

SFBDG operated is a leading service for business and professional people worldwide, and already operates using the proprietary technology that is needed.


Because of its high penetration of commercial and international trade markets, SFBDG is an  “Anchor” for 1stDay.


Further, because of the trade opportunity and economic development components of  1stDay, this project will clearly be of interest to the governments in all developing countries. 

These governments all have Trade Missions that are located in a concentrated area of New York City and can be conveniently contacted for support of 1stDay under the halo effect of  the benefits to be offered by SFBDG as well as the potential benefits brought to them  through 1stDay.

Communication between Constituencies 

Despite the US Government’s best efforts to establish Communication within Intelligence  Agencies and between various Departments of Federal Government and Law Enforcement,  there continues to be failure in the ability to upgrade systems in order to share critical  information and modernize communication. 

We are certain that this situation exists in all countries. 

The reason for this is that each agency has built its data and communication sharing system  on its own ‘different’ platform. 

The unique advantage of the SFBDG technology is that it is based on a ‘common platform’ making possible the seamless sharing of data and communication support across all  participating services and constituencies.  

The importance of this is found in rudimentary access to information as well as the ability to  reach out, on-demand, to others anywhere in the system for full online communication and  sharing in a virtual in-person collaborative environment. 

Through this strategy and proprietary communication technology, 1stDay has the  realistic ability to accomplish its Mission…To more quickly advance peace and  prosperity.

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At this time, 1stDay is being incubated as part of, and at the expense of SFBDG.  This is a commercial enterprise that is privately held. 

In addition to participation in the RFP sysytem, Private and Institutional cooperation and support' as well as financial  support for the further development of 1sDay are welcome in the form of Sponsorships through Corporate Impact Participation.  

Please use the  Corporate Impact Participants Form for inquiry.

How to Submit your Interest

To get started, please send us your feedback and interest using the SFBDG Master Form.

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FEATURED Corporate Impact Participants

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