By Arthur Rosenfield
Founder and President of Long Island City / Astoria Chamber
of Commerce 

[ ] Thank you Principal Reed. And dignitaries VIPs

[ ] I am here today to help you to unlock the great promise of your future, and to help start you on your new "beginning"

[ ] When I graduated high school, the United States had barely come out of WWII, we were producing cars for the world, creating telecommunication, putting satellites in space. My generation also created and paid for the social agenda called the Great Society. We were inventors and producers.

[ ] We survived a threat from Russia which secretly placed missles with war head in Cuba.

[ ] We were challenged by President Kennedy to "Ask not What our country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." We were inventors....engineers of products, exporters, and a great society.

[ ] Things have changed.

[ ] I want to talk to you today about an INVENTION....YOU.  You are an invention. What you are this moment is what you are creating yourself to be. But I also want to talk with you today about re-inventing yourself and being open for opportunities and challenges that come to you in your life.

[ ] Do you think Steve Jobs knew at his high school graduation that he would invent a smartphone? Do you think Rasmus Lerdorf knew that he would invent PHP a code that unlocked programming and script writing for Internet servers.

[ ] Being able to RE-INVENT yourself is a key to succees. You have resources, gifts, and talents that you have yet to explore. You have magical powers in you that will be discovered during the journey of your life. But you can't do it yourself.

[ ] My friend, the multi Billionaire successful businessman, who I call a modern day Industrialist ran for Mayor of NYC, grew up in Harlem. He owns oil companies, grocery businesses, aviation companies plus radio says "If I can do it, you can do it".  Part of his success is that he re-invents himself.

[ ] He was studying to be an engineer and he became a grocery store owner and built his chain which later meant he could take over Gristedes. He created software to help him manage his stores. Information technology was his power.

[ ] Do you think I thought, when I was re-inventing myself from being a deal maker to and Internet developer, that I would be standing here in New York City as a President of a Chamber of Commerce.

[ ] You are now getting old enough to realize that you have dreams and passions.

[ ] A lot of people want you to succeed and reach your promise. Some are in this room. Some may not be here. US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Assembly NY Assembly member Cathy Nolan, Borough President Melinda Katz and her two predecessors Claire Shulman and Helen Marshall. NY Senator Michael Gianaris.

[ ] Majority Leader in the City Council Jimmy Van Bramer, Senator Chuck Schumer, Peter and Tina Vallone and three sons. Dr Arthur Gutieri President of Kawanis.  WOW what a community. What a community of FRIENDS who want you to be your best. EVERY DAY. Imagine all these people waking up in the morning an

[ ] Imagine ALL these people waking up in the morning thinking about how they can help you achieve your personal promise, bring down barriers, lift you, and let you soar to unimaginable heights.

[ ] Don't be fooled. The real thing is an amazing experience that enlivens, energizes, inspires, shares, guides, smiles, sheds tears, and helps you. Choose your friends carefully.  If you use Facebook, use it to promote yourself positively. That's all. Be smart about Facebook.

[ ] You also carry with you the hopes and dreams of your parents.

[ ] I am not a stranger to your school or information technolgy.  I am here today because I am your FRIEND. A "FRIEND" in high school means a lot to you. You have a friends you grew up with. But this is not a Facebook Friendship. Facebook is merely an attempt to electronically model what a friendship is

[ ] FRIENDS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL, INC. organization which will seek to provide guidance and opportunities for the students through commercial and business leaders in the community as well as the information industries and applied science industries

[ ] Your Family, Your Friends,  Your Mentors, Your Self, Your SmartPhone. Your Faith. Your Moral Compass.

[ ] I want to talk to you about mentors. Mentors have secrets and insights of how to do things. Identifying one and and creating a relationship.

[ ] Ask yourself "what is the meaning of this"

[ ] Keep balance in your life.

[ ] Everything in life is relationships.

[ ] Work ethic.  In business, Service as hard as you sell.

[ ] You live in the greatest city, in the greatest state in the world. There is a world of opportunity for you...right here...a subway stop away in any direction.  This city has re-invented itself. You are among the best-of-the-best.

[ ] Create production capacity and jobs in American and in your community. America must be strong and Americans must be productive.

[ ] Vote

[ ] Get the FACTS. Reach for truth.

[ ] Look ahead. What is changing. Understand change. Welcome change.  Be inspired by change. Be relevant. Be competitive.

[ ] Jobs are in emerging industries

[ ] Jobs returned to pre - recession level in MAY. That is good for you.

[ ] Both INFORMATION and TECHNOLOGY age and lose their value.look at your cell phone. Look at your screen.

[ ] You must learn in life to reinvent yourself, to adapt, to be aware of change, welcome change, learn, and grow.

[ ] A lot of people want you to succeed

[ ] Competitive and Relevant - what does it mean

[ ] Mentors are critical to life

[ ] Congratulation for academic

[ ] Emerging industries

[ ] Where the jobs are

[ ] You were in school while the economy crashed

[ ] More jobs in technolgy than finance in NYC

[ ] Fortune cookie

[ ] Good luck and God Bless America.

[ ] Ask questions. Ask why three times. First you get infirmation. Second you get knowledge Third you get understanding and insight.

© Copyright. Arthur Rosenfield. All Rights Reserved 1995-2024 

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