Arthur Rosenfield

Arthur Rosenfield




Arthur Rosenfield is a RAINMAKER.

"Never miss an Opportunity"

Arthur has a Lifelong Career as an Innovator, Value Creator and Strategic Developer with Vision

Building client relationships based on a client's ability to gain leverage from recognized expert knowledge,  considerable experience and history of success, wide range of VIP contacts and relationships,


Data and resources.

Enabler with Actionable ideas.

Focus on transformative growth opportunities, and Disruptive Innovations

Summary of Activity



[Accomplishments as a Lifelong Value Creator]

Founder of  Strategic, Financial, and Business Development Group Network

● Founder and Developer of the SFBDG Platform

● Founder and Managing Director Professional Alliance Network

Founder of the SFBDG VIP CLUB

● Private Referrals and Introductions to High Value Contacts

● Early identification of Trends and Opportunities.

● Expert Knowledge and Experience

● High Quality Off-market Deal Flow

How we do it

● 50 Year Track Record

● Worldwide Team of Trusted Insiders.

● Investment Banking Relationships

● Family Office, HNW and UHNW Individual relationships

● Active networking participation in CollabNet and global groups with over 2,000 VIP participants. 

● Host over 110 Groups on Telegram there create "Center of Influence" status.

● Active Board member on Chambers of Commerce.

● Operates the VIP CLUB focusing in MARKETS and POLICY. Members inckude successful business executives, government officials, and global diplomates. Meeting weekly in NYC and interactive group on Telegram.

● Impact Investing and Community Development

Companies contract with us to achieve defined  strategic objectives that improve market share, growth, and profit.

Summary of Career


[Accomplishments as a Lifelong Value Creator]

■ Seven years in various capacities and special assignments, including deal. flow and strategic PR as well as Head of Sales, for Red Apple Group, and prominent Founder and CEO, John Catsimatidis, and prior candidate for Mayor of NYC 2013.

■ Founder and President of a  NYC Chamber of Commerce with a Board of Directors comprised of successful immigrant entrepreneurs from 30 countries.

■ 2020, interim President & CEO of the National Realty Club, a organization of VIP's in Real Estate founded by Harry Helmsley and colleagues in 1947.

■ Active relationship with Goldman Sachs for referral of debt or equity needs; plus portfolio management and a suite of wealth management services.

■ Director of several Chambers and organizations including the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce with 30,000 members, Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) representing real estate professionals and principals from 44 Asia and Asia Pacific countries, National Realty Club,  Riverhead Chamber of Commerce,  and Advisor to Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CACCI) representing 28 Caribbean countries.  Member of MBAofNY.

■ Founder and CEO of private  consultancy and M&A services with US and International clients.

■ Affiliated with a FINRA Registered Full Service Investment Bank with International clientele.

■ Pioneer of software as a service. Investor/developer of large internet service operated for over 20 years.

■ M&A intermediary with 50 deals / experienced as deal initiater.

■ Sales and Marketing Executive / Training of Core Competencies

■ Located in NYC just outside Manhattan

Summary of Expert Knowledge


● A lifelong career Creating Value, and Developing Strategies with Vision (see bio profile)

● Continuous high value 'Deal Flow' as a Center of Influence and Leader in Communities and Market Sectors.

● 50 Deals completed as M&A Intermediary / Scouting and Pre-due diligence / Roll up / Assessing core competency / Financial Analysis and P&L Analysis.

● Place-making and Social Value Creation for Real Estate.

● Created database of 135 NYC Neighborhoods to assess comparative points of value based on standard criteria to measure value of real estate properties and investment criteria.

● Sales and  Marketing to Real Estate Property Managers

● Shareholder and Business Development Outsource Executive to largest retail supermarket network of In-store displays within over 15,000 locations. Helped entrepreneurial founder manage the company and then divest.

●  Access to Capital / Access to Resources

● Competitive analysis.

● Innovation.

● Recognized as having a wide scope of VIP relationships / Able to make critical introductions.

● Business Development and Market Strategies.

● Community Development

● Managing a process of change in corporate culture.

● Access to all headquarter and regional offices of retail chains in every retail and wholesale category (Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Home Centers, Discount Stores, Apparel, etc.)  ALL levels of C-Suite and executive function including locations, emails and phone contact info in data tables.

● Relationship Management / Strategic Relationship / Customer Service EXCELLENCE programs

● Strategic PR / Advocacy

● Economic Logic

● Establishing Trust

● Profit Improvement

● Early identification of Trends

● Navigating the business universe and government

● Avoiding mistakes by experience and history

● Managing Chambers of Commerce / Membership and Revenue growth / Membership Development / Income Strategies.

● Sales / Sales Strategies / Sales Training / Customer Relationships

Steategic Foundation

Strategic Foundation:

▪︎ Know the Customer's Customer ....better than the Customer does.

▪︎ Discover the NOW. Get the Facts.

▪︎ Sell the idea not the evidence.

▪︎ Write Proposals for

▪︎ State your Unique value that is essential to the success of the idea.

▪︎ Deliver what you promise.

● Telesales Strategies / Training and Department Managment.

● All areas of advertising sales including national accounts, classified, online, program selling, and affiliate programs.

● Proposals / Business Briefs / Concept Development

● Authoring Training Manuals

● Author of

● Real Estate Analysis and Valuation

● Due Dilligence

● Human Nature / People

● Business and Financial Planning

● Negotiation and Business Deal Contract Term Sheets (non legal)

● Networking and VIP Relationship Introductions.

● Writing and Concept Development

● Speech writing / OPED

● Opinion writer / White paper researcher.

● Public Speaking / Motivational Speaking

● Photo and Video Journalism and profiles.

● Traveled all US States, major cities, and daily newspaper markets.

● Internet Engineering and Services / Programming code: Centros OS, PERL, PHP, HTML 5, CS,  MySQL, Adobe

● Database  Design and Management (MySQL)

● Developed software to poll password protected data servers operated by 3,500 vendors offering 30,000,000 products and services. Access was by contract and data was parsed into common fields making possible a searchable system for purchasing  by consumers.

● Word Press / BuddyPress

● Excel / PPT / Word / Sheets / Docs

● Minority / Woman Owned Enterprises / Small Business

● Life Science as a business mentor to early stage scientific companies.

● Access  to Federal Reserve Task Force to Connect Small Business to Resources / Rebuilding Fund

● Rebuilding Main Street

● Philanthropic marketing

● Impact Investing.

● Family Offices

● NY Forward

● Working with Gifted & Talented

● Motivation and Systems for Personnel Appraisals.

● Compensation Strategies.

● Electric Energy from  Jet Engines

● Qualified Opportunity Zones. QOZ and QOF

● Founder and CEO.

● Affiliated with FINRA Registered Full Service Investment Bank

● Located outside Manhattan

● Travel and Tourism market participant including business development for visitor guides in fifteen major US destination cities.

● Directed the roll-up of local Apartment guides and Auto classified periodicals sold in convenience stores across all US cities. The network became a billion dollar company.

● Co-founder of 'Friends of Information Technoligy High School' and Commencement Speaker.

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The purpose of this form is you to help us understand what NEEDS you have or OPPORTUNITIES you want us to help you to pursue.  Once submitted, we will contact you to discuss options. 

This form will also help you to inquire about curriculum for SFBDG LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER. You will receive answers about your inquiry or instructions on next steps to participate.