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Arthur Rosenfield is CEO of Strategic, Financial, and Business Development Group.  SFBDG evolved over a forty five year period of actively working with high development companies to assist owners and C-Suite Executives to  identify and manage core competencies that result in sustainable growth, increased market share, and profit improvement.

Today, the company works with family offices, financial institutions, capital partners, real estate companies, professional services, intermediaries, and companies across all sectors of the economy. Operations are international through its Professional Alliance Network.

The company operates from two websites:

SFBDG opens doors for companies.  Essentially, people need trusted introductions carefully curated for strategic reasons.

Founder, Arthur Rosenfield, has had executive positions as well as a consultancy that included M&A, Executive Development and Training.  He developed the first commercial network on the internet and operated it for 22 years before exiting. He has become known as a center of influence and a connector. He founded a Chamber of Commerce in New York City, and has been a Member of several Chamber of Commerce Boards.  Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY) once called him “A CAN DO MAN”.


Arthur Rosenfield

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