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Looking To Change The World By Uniting World Leaders To Share A Message of Hope

During 2020, my friend Adrea Dunn was a pioneer host of a WhatsApp service for VIP's, HNWI. UHNWI, and high level people interested in Impact Investing.  Adrea is a licensed Financial Advisor who worked  for Morgan Stanley at the time. She is an extraordinarily talented and innovative communicator, author, and connector, She is highly regarded and respected for her AUTHORITY and capabilities by the most powerful people in the world.

The following profile is by NY Weekly Staff   April 28, 2022 in


Adria L. Dunn is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and philanthropist. Adria grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and moved to Chicago to Study Journalism at Columbia College. The years that followed were a whirlwind. Immediately following her graduation, she landed a job as a commodity broker for the Chicago Board of Trade. She would continue a career in finance spanning fifteen years, including many years working in private banking in Asia and the United States.  


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During her years living and working in Asia Adria became extremely interested in philanthropy. She volunteered and put together events to raise funds for various philanthropic causes. In fact, her mantra for life and business is to “give back”. She often talks about the “dharma chakra”- the wheel of dharma.” The idea is that you can either spin your wheel forward by giving or backward by taking. When the wheel spins forward, water flows back to you. When you spin the wheel backwards, you push the water away. Whether she was working in private banking, raising funds for charity or developing connections with individuals around the globe, she always operated with the mindset of what we give we will receive a hundredfold and that it is extremely important to have an abundance mindset as opposed to a scarcity mindset. “There is plenty for everyone, just as plants in the forest share sunlight, earth and water.” 

While returning from a business trip, shortly before the pandemic started, Adria randomly connected 80 leaders she knew in a single whatsapp chat on her phone. The idea may sound mad but this small decision became a ripple effect which led to her now business, The Vine Global Impact, which has since saved lives, raised millions for charity and even changed laws in countries. Her network has grown to 600+ family offices from more than 60 countries who discuss social impact and find ways to make the world a better place every day.

[Profile of Adria Dunn's career as a Speaker at 'AI for Good - ITU']

The Vine is a social impact network that bridges world leaders, family offices and philanthropists to facilitate positive impact globally.

Adria’s career started in Chicago as a futures and foreign exchange broker at the Board of Trade. In 2009 she moved to Singapore spending 10 years working across the region. It was there that she shifted her career into private wealth management and joined Coutts & Co. While in Asia she also created her own beverage company 108 Tea which she later exited.

After moving back West, Adria was a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley and has since left to run her own company, The Vine™, a private network of more than 7,000 family offices, governments and philanthropists that are interested in impact. The Vine will soon be an artificial intelligence company that bridges world leaders in a safe space.

Adria considers herself ‘charity agnostic’, she loves all things equestrian, and is a writer. She recently published a bestselling book of hope with world leaders called, ‘The Vine: Messages of Hope from Around the World.’ Writers include, the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Andrew Jackson Young and Djimon Hounsou.

Her mission is utilise AI as a tool to create connections for cultural diplomacy so that societies can grow together and not apart.


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A Webinar on Empathy Offered by Adria Dunn and The Vine:

Join us for a discussion on the transformative and healing power of empathy with Professor Pat Dolan, UNESCO Chair, Children, Youth and Civic Engagement, University of Galway and Professor Mark Brennan, UNESCO Chair in Community, Leadership, and Youth Development, Penn State University along with a series of Special Guests!

About the Webinar:

In association with The Vine, Professors Pat Dolan and Mark Brennan are launching a campaign to establish the UNESCO Global Foundation for Youth Empathy and Engaged Citizenship located at Penn State in the U.S. and the University of Galway, Ireland. Working with international research, practice and

implementation partners, the Foundation will act as a leading international think-tank and changemaker for the advancement of empathy education and positive youth citizenship globally.

Date: January 25th, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Areas of discussion:

+ What is Empathy?

+ What does Empathy look like in action?

+ Is Empathy the missing component in education?

+ Is Empathy the solution to hate speech, intolerance, and inequity?

+ How can we all lead with Empathy?

Join us on Zoom by adding it to your Calendar, and access it the day of with the following links!