Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Business Bio: I'm in sales at Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company. I've been in sales in some way or another for 32 years. Prior to Title Sales, I owned a real estate office with partners and sold residential and commercial property. I'm a people person and love bringing people together and rooting them on!

Business Description: Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company insures Title to property purchased and refinanced. We are national, seamless and have been around since 1876. We are owned by F.N.F., a publicly traded company.




Evangeline Balaskas


Evangeline ‘Lila’ Balaskas

Sales Executive


National Commercial Services-New York City

Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

685 Third Avenue-20th Floor, New York, NY 10017

office: 212-973-4803   cell: 646-457-1042


Clubhouse:  @EvangelineLila


We are direct underwriters operating under the Fidelity umbrella