Martin Hassner's Truth

Martin Hassner's Truth

Martin Hassner – Executive Director of the Liberal Party of New York sixteen years and a member of the Liberal Party for 50 years.

Martin Hassner Bio


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Born, raised and educated in Brooklyn, NY, Martin I. Hassner went from Brooklyn Law School to a years’

long journey across America.

Learning to become a radio Disk Jockey and announcer while in law school, Hassner left his Brooklyn home to live and work in the farm country of Louisiana, the coal field state of West Virginia, the gorgeous scenery in Rhode Island, the realities of Waco, Texas, the cold Winters of Newburgh, NY, the  winds and summer heat of Chicago and the humidity of Florida before returning to New York as an executive director of a number of voluntary health agencies including the Leukemia Society at age 27, the American Digestive Disease Society, which he founded, the Ileitis and Colitis Foundation and as a

fundraising consultant and speech writer for healthcare agencies, corporate leaders and politicians as well.

Hassner worked as Executive Director of the Liberal Party of New York, which he had joined as a 16 year old while in Brooklyn College, while Raymond Harding led that political party and again when Harding stepped away from the party after its loss of a permanent ballot status.

He and his associates reestablished the party and he has served as Executive Director since the early years of the 21 st Century. He is responsible for all of the written material on the party’s website Liberal Party of

Hassner, married Barbara Rich when he was 23. They had one daughter Marla Hassner and were divorced after ten years of marriage. Hassner married Linda Pettersen and they have two daughters, Amanda Hassner and Daria Hassner Fox who gave them two grandchildren, Weston Semkow and Avery Gurian. The Hassners have been married for 58 years and live in suburban New Jersey.

They plan to return to New York City where Hassner continues to write political commentary and work

for the strengthening of America.

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