The Fable of the Sacred Threads

The Fable of the Sacred Threads

by Arthur Rosenfield

You walk through life and meet people. You hold onto each person like a thread!  You hold onto each thread for dear life.

Some of the early threads break because they are inherently weak. Sometimes a group of threads are weak. They all break because they are inherently weak of the same poor quality.

After a while, the remaining early threads plus new stronger threads become cleverly woven into a STRING!

Everyone knows that a string is stronger than the sum of its threads. 

Remember, these threads are people in your life that you have picked up along your way.

You are also being picked up by someone and becoming part of their string...and the strength of your string becomes stronger and stronger.

As you grow, and life changes, you naturally pick up more threads of different types. You wrap these threads into a different carefully woven string.

You now have multiple strings. When wrapped and woven with other strings, you now have a ROPE.

While a rope is made of many threads, they each become stronger to turn the rope into a strong line that is more dependable and reliable...with a person as each thread.

Now comes the weaving of ropes. Weaving ropes together creates a BRAIDED ROPE.

This braided rope, with many threads, strings, and ropes composed of individual threads is your LIFELINE.

When a string breaks, it is a big loss.

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