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The Professional Alliance Network is an Inner Circle of trusted colleagues with high quality relationships. The agencies that are part of the Network have earned recognition and respect from the people they have done business with over their careers.  

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Arthur Rosenfield

Founder the SFBDG Platform, International Business Development Group, the Professional Alliance Network, and VIP CLUB

New York City


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■ Seven years in various capacities and special assignments, including deal. flow and strategic PR as well as Head of Sales, for Red Apple Group, and prominent Founder and CEO, John Catsimatidis, and prior candidate for Mayor of NYC 2013.

■ Founder and President of a  NYC Chamber of Commerce with a Board of Directors comprised of successful immigrant entrepreneurs from 30 countries.

■ 2020, interim President & CEO of the National Realty Club, a organization of VIP's in Real Estate founded by Harry Helmsley and colleagues in 1947.

■ Active relationship with Goldman Sachs for referral of debt or equity needs; plus portfolio management and a suite of wealth management services.■ Director of several Chambers and organizations including the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce with 30,000 members, Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) representing real estate professionals and principals from 44 Asia and Asia Pacific countries, National Realty Club,  Riverhead Chamber of Commerce,  and Advisor to Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CACCI) representing 28 Caribbean countries.  Member of MBAofNY.

■ Founder and CEO of private  consultancy and M&A services with US and International clients.

■ Affiliated with a FINRA Registered Full Service Investment Bank with International clientele.

■ Pioneer of software as a service. Investor/developer of large internet service operated for over 20 years.

■ M&A intermediary with 50 deals / experienced as deal initiater.

■ Sales and Marketing Executive / Training of Core Competencies■ Located in NYC just outside Manhattan

Ransel Potter

C-3 Summit, Founder and CEO

Since 2012, C3 Summit, in collaboration with the U.S. State Department, United Nations and the U.S.  Department of Commerce, has been producing a US-Arab Summit focusing on healthcare, commerce and  economic development between the Middle East the United States, and now China.  

Given the continuing growth and importance of the healthcare sector to both regions, C3 Summit was  initially approached by leading hospitals in the US to develop a US-Arab Healthcare platform for the  sharing of ideas and solutions. Attendees hear the latest issues and solutions impacting the healthcare field.  Additionally, attendees learn of new technologies, products and services that promise to improve the  knowledge transfer of education and innovation, between the regions of the US and Middle East, to fight  the battle against borderless diseases. In 2018, we were invited to bring C3 to China, with their Ministry  of Health as our co-organizer. We had a return collaboration with CN-Healthcare in March of 2020 (see  attached) but was postponed due to Covid 19. However, we continued our virtual collaboration with the  2020 Summit and continue to explore collaborative opportunities in 2021. 


- International healthcare diplomacy skills between the Middle East, US and China resulting in knowledge transfer between the regions

- Years of developing international relationships resulting in high profile speakers and clients for summit

- Comprehensive understanding of effective client services/system processes

- Proven ability to organize and multi-task

- Strong decision-making skills

- Ability to influence a business direction/change current culture by setting the strategic long term vision

- Experienced manager of people

- Ability to quickly analyze information and creatively reach solutions and execute approach

- Ability to interact effectively with various functions including creative, marketing, legal, technology and operations members


Benjamin Pezzillo

Pactriglo, Inc.; Founder and  CEO

Los Angeles, California

Pactriglo focuses on urban infill analysis and market opportunities in major cities in the United States. Pactriglo integrates geospatial and tabular data into customized relational databases and interactive web map apps that provide competitive edge to real estate developers, real estate investors, brokers, and builders. Pactriglo is a market leader in identifying where one county tax parcel contains more than one historic municipal lot for 'lot splitting'. Pactriglo's research and development is in spatial finance and correlations in predictive timeseries analytics as applied to residual land values.

James Ashcraft; Founder BeanWise Partners

Winter Springs, Florida

BeanWise Partners packages real estate and business investing opportunities, and develops affodable housing.  Our mission at BeanWise Partners is to create affordable housing in central Florida. To that end, we package, and manage the sale of business and real estate opportunities, which help fund our mission. 

We are currently managing nearly $1B in off market commercial real estate opportunities. Including:

1,300 doors of existing multifamily properties 

600+ doors of entitled multifamily land 

325 doors of entitled hotel land 

$500M in entitled mixed use projects 

 updated 2/27/24

Please contact James Ashcraft for more information. 

John Gilmore, Jr

Brandthumb , Inc.

Tampa, Florida

Branding and Communication Servicees; Digital and tradiitional Advertising and Promotion, Augmented Reality, Small Business Marketing in Food and Beverage and other sectors 

Marc Keveles

President, Innovative Angles


"Driving Innovation - Empowering Growth - Addressing the Future of Income" Marc Keveles is: • an enabler, a change agent, and a trusted advisor to many • the Founder of Crossroads & Crossroads GO, a Managing Partner at Innovative Angles, a Founding Partner at Eden Partners and Committee Panel Judge for Business Sweden, a public-private partnership with the Swedish government • an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur • a career-spanning executive networker who decided to address the challenges with modern day high touch interpersonal networking Living at the bleeding edge of applications for innovation, Marc is a true cross-pollinator bringing concepts, wisdom and connections across multiple industries and geographies along with a win- win-win approach to relationship building. Marc applies advanced relationship psychology hypotheses and a "can-I-sleep-at-night-knowing-I-did-this" filter to proliferating disruptive technologies. Innovative areas Marc has impacted include: FinTech, market structures, real estate, cryptocurrency and alternative asset classes, IIoT, cybersecurity, blockchain, nano technology, wellness tech, and solutions for the gig economy. Marc is also an investment committee advisor to Business Sweden Invest, a public-private partnership with the Swedish government, promoting Swedish scale-up innovation companies seeking international expansion. 

William Betts

The Betts Group, LLC; Founder 

New York

Family Office Representation 

Monsi Koova

Koova Management

New York

Healthcare consultant/  Entrepreneur 

Rich Santelises

Miami, Florida

Rich Santelises is a a connector and business facilitator in various sectors, entertainment, tech, hospitality, fashion and real estate to name a few. 

Desmond "Dez" Clark

Dez Clark Speaks, LLC

Coaching, Speaking  

Desmond Clark has built a strong professional reputation as a Former NFL player for the

Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears. His leadership on the field and now

off the field is shown in his motivational keynote addresses and seminars. Desmond is now leading his own companies as President of Desmond Clark Group, VP of The Insurance People, Dez Clark Speaks LLC, along with The Profit Center LLC. He is the author of Principles of Winning: 5 Keys to Create a Standard

of Excellence. 

Bryan Ingram

Alpha Green

Washington State is a leader in Impact investing strategy. It has spent the past few years at Green.Org speaking with hundreds of leaders in cleantech, renewable energy, and sustainability, all with the goal of learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We have learned a lot over the years, and it is not just making changes to what you drive, or what you purchase, it’s a mentality that you have to implement into all aspects of your life – you have to look at things through a different perspective, and when that happens, the change comes naturally. That change is a good change, it will help you earn more money, it will help you be healthier, and it will help you give back in ways you never thought imaginable. We put together a few simple ways that you can implement changes so that by the end of this article you know how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Solomon Potakey

Nelike Capital Partners

Ghana, Aftica

Solomon Epeme Kwame Potakey has 15years of professional banking and consulting career experience, recent eight (8) years of which have been devoted to independent private consulting for Banks, Insurance companies, Oil exploration companies, Agro processing companies and farms, Real estate firms and High Networth Individuals. He leads a team of consultants, Nelike Capital Partners, a firm he co-founded, in performing activities such as Deal Origination, Portfolio Management, Capital and fund raise activities, conducting of Due Diligence and preparation of feasibility studies and bankable business plans.The above experience over the 8years have enabled him to have various levels of engagements and valuable relationship with investors and donor institutions across the globe.The 7years prior to his private consulting experience were spent in the universal banking environment where he worked in the Public Sector Division of Intercontinental Bank Gh. Ltd, interfacing between the Bank and government leaders, government institutions andagencies in marketing and negotiating pricing for deposits. He also spent part of this period as a Business Manager for an SME banking division of Access Bank Gh. Ltd where he was responsible for credit structuring, financial analysis and portfolio management.Solomon had earlier interned with the Asset Management division of the Consolidated Discount House (CDH), Accra, Ghana.He graduated from University of Professional Studies, Accra with MBA in Accounting and Finance. He also graduated from the University of Cape Coast with B.Ed Social Science with majors in Accounting and Economics. He has also attended several coursesover the period. 

David Winton

The Energy Check, Inc.


We are an energy consultancy focused on reducing energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions for businesses. We also offer a utility switching platform for residential customers.

We work in a 3 stage process; 

1. Energy Procurement - selecting the right Utility contract for the customer.

2. Energy Management - developing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System, Energy Monitoring and Reporting, Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies.

3. Energy Improvement Programme - developing a programme of works to help reduce consumption on-site - I.e. LED lighting install, heat pumps, solar PV. We act as the consultant, not the installer. 

Charles Kim



Charles Kim is the Founder and CEO of Crave Global, Inc.  CRAVE is the first end to end solution for International Celebrities to create a transactional revenue landscape for 1.5 billion Chinese Consumers.  

Crave is the Eastern Key to Western Culture. 

•        We launched Crave three years ago to solve the problem that  most celebrities and athletes generate very little or no direct revenue in China.  They typically have a very small window of opportunity to leverage their fame, and by not doing so directly in China, they are missing out on the $21 Trillion Chinese consumer market.  The reasons are many including 1) Language and cultural differences; 2) Finding trustworthy partners; 3) lack of comfort and experience; 4) not understanding the Chinese social media platforms; 5) Chinese regulations.

•        Crave solves all the barriers to monetization in China with our team In the US and China.  1) CRAVE is intimately familiar with the Chinese market and helps celebrities optimally navigate its nuances; 2) CRAVE has deep knowledge of both the social media selling game in China and the supply chain that serves it; 3) CRAVE has built strong, long-standing, trustworthy relationships throughout the Chinese market over the past two decades; 4) CRAVE works with agents to manage and monetize the Chinese market for them and their clients; 5) CRAVE has virtually solved the data feedback loop problem within China with a combination of eyes & ears on the ground, as well as its proprietary social media commerce technology platform; 6) CRAVE develops and trademarks bespoke brands which provide celebrities with perpetual ownership of their intellectual property.

•        We developed our proprietary AI enabled technology that enables brands and celebrations to better understand their fans and customers.  The CRAVE Technology Platform is a collaborative, decision-making and reporting tools that gives users the best information to make the most profitable data-driven decisions possible both in and outside of China.  This includes Chaos Prediction, Sentiment Assessment, Cycle Detection and Price Prediction.  This is the real secret sauce of CRAVE.

Lauren Berger

The Lauren Berger Collection


The company is in hospitality  , concierge , event planning 

Anuraag Sunder


The company acts as advisor or intermediary to people and entities for the purpose of strategy, financial, and business transactions. Clients are across healthcare, technology, real estate, insurance and other sectors, The focus is on 1) Series A fund raise. Our focus sectors are Technology, Financial Services and Healthcare. 95% of clients are from Australia, Singapore, Dubai, UK, US and Canada. Though the company has done deals between US$ 1.5 m- US$ 143 m, the sweet spot is around US$ 5 million for Series A 2) Assisting international Govts in strategic/ confidential assignments. So far have worked extensively with Govts of US, UK, Japan, Thailand and Uzbekistan 3) Assisting international 

Jeffrey Lichtenverg

New York

Vice Chairman@ Grubb & Ellis Real Estate, Executive Vice President Cushman & Wakefield: Strategic Corporate Relocation Leasing  Consultant: Bertelsman Media, Saatchi& Saatchi Advertising, Sumitomo Corporation, Vector Group, Revlon Cosmetics, Gucci, Green Ivy Private School, Leasing Consultant Trump, 40 Wall St & Trump Tower, 

President Triangle Services, NY (Building Maintenance & cleaning):  


Authorized 1

I am a connector and business facilitator in various sectors including, entertainment, tech, hospitality, fashion and real estate to name a few.