CLICKIT Contact Cards and Ads

CLICKIT Contact Cards put Everything ALL IN ONE PLACE!   It helps you get the moment of interest.   Works on social media sites and in your email.

Getting connected to people is critical to success today.  Now, new technology makes it easier for you to be available and contacted .

A CLICKIT Contact Card is an easy way for people to connect with you.  With the CLICKIT Contact system, we can embed tools directly and permanently into your personal Telegram Profile page, or you can post your CLICKIT Contact Cardt in groups where you participate. They can be used for introdrctions and referrals  by you and others in messaging platforms or used as part of your email signature to make you more accessible.

Each CLICKIT Contact Card has a preview graphic and one link to a simple, and beautifully designed, CLICKIT Connect Page which offeer a cluster of highly functional links.

Example of links:

• Upload your profile contac info to the visitor's contact records.

• Request an appointment on your calendar 

• Call you

• Email you

• Share your contact info

• Go to your web page

• Watch a video

• Link to your preferred messaging platform to message you directly.

• Link to your PPT deck 

• Link to your listings 

The basic annual cost for this CLICKIT Contact Card is $300. Our team will work with you to put it together.

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Have a prosperous, healthy, and safe 2022!


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