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Forward Thinkers and Leaders

Martin Hassner's Truth

Martin Hassner – Executive Director of the Liberal Party of New York sixteen years and a member of the Liberal Party for 50 years.

Martin Hassner's Truth

Adria Dunn and The Vine

Adria Dunn

Looking To Change The World By Uniting World Leaders To Share A Message of Hope

During 2020, my friend Adrea Dunn was a pioneer host of a WhatsApp service for VIP's, HNWI. UHNWI, and high level people interested in Impact Investing.  Adrea is a licensed Financial Advisor who worked  for Morgan Stanley at the time. She is an extraordinarily talented and innovative communicator, author, and connector, She is highly regarded and respected for her AUTHORITY and capabilities by the most powerful people in the world.

The following profile is by NY Weekly Staff   April 28, 2022 in


Adria L. Dunn is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and philanthropist. Adria grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and moved to Chicago to Study Journalism at Columbia College. The years that followed were a whirlwind. Immediately following her graduation, she landed a job as a commodity broker for the Chicago Board of Trade. She would continue a career in finance spanning fifteen years, including many years working in private banking in Asia and the United States.  

Adria Dunn and The Vine

Arthur Rosenfield  


Arthur Rosenfield is a Lifelong Value Creator


Arthur Rosenfield's Accomplishments

• "A Can Do Man" (Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney 10/18/2012 while addressing  Chamber of Commerce). 


• Innovator 

• Trusted and Resourceful. 

• Get it Done Solutions Provider. 

• Ability to Identify Trends Early. 

• Negotiation and People Skills.  

• Concept development, Writing, and PR Skills. 

• Chamber Board Member: Riverhead, Romanian-American, Caribbean-American  (Special relationship) 

• Member: Kiwanis Club, Lions Club 

• Outsource Executive. 

• CONTACT: 646-920-4652 Arthur@CityEntree.com  

• New York City

2020 to Current

Strategic, Financial and Business Development Group

Added VALUE throughout Covid disruption

Added VALUE by creating the SFBDG Platform which helps to open doors, leads, guides, organizes, and facilitates high achievers and high development companies in order to acheive their goals for growth and profit.  SFBDG.cityentree.com

Added VALUE by establishing the Professional Alliance Network which organizes agents world wide in key market sectors to co-operate in deal flow. As a result, fifteen Agents stand ready to open doors for clients.

Adding VALUE by formation of a global VIP CLUB as part of the SFBDG Platform to serve 26 major market sectors; and, to establish a presence in Gateway Hub Cities worldwide to attract members with local and international leadership interests. The VIP CLUB leverages on previous contacts, knowledge, expertise, and internet technology / engineering. As a result, the concept gives rise to a major new form of networking which merges local, regional, national, and global connections.

Added VALUE by engineering a breakthrough TECHNOLOGY to develop a new scalable business model for INTRODUCTIONS and REFERRALS. This systems approach and management tool includes tracking and a proprietary CRM for participating companies. As a result, over 200 Introductions are in the pipeline.

Added VALUE by creating and establishing a system of continuous communication, conferencing, and information exchange for VIP contacts using the Telegram platform.  Over 110 private, special topic groups now operate across a wide spectrum of business, political, health and personal interests. Participation is by invitation only. This communication platform will be integrated into the SFBDG platform during 2020. As a result, thousands of people are sharing information to supplement a lapse in media sources.

Added VALUE during the peak of the Covid pandemic, organized "NYC MEET AND GREET" every Tuesday and Thursday evening to focus on NYC COMEBACK and NYC RENAISSANCE applying Place-making principles to bring stakeholder together. This included prominent guest speakers. As a result, new contacts, knowledge, and opportunities came at a time when people had been isolated and dealt with uncertainty.

Added VALUE as interim President and CEO of the National Realty Club, an organization founded by Harry Helmsley in 1947, by bringing important new members to the Board of Directors and by introducing a Path to the Future program consisting of 14 initiative to make the organization relevant. As a result, the organization increased its members,  revenue, and had a more relevant mission for today's enviroment.

As friend and advisor to Harry Dublinsky, added VALUE by helping give birth to the expansion of CollabNet onto WhatsApp; and, then to participate as an Advisor, Mentor, and Administrator.  As a result this helped CollabNet prosper during Covid and become fully subscribed with 250 active members.

As a member of the Board of Directors for several Chambers of Commerce, the Asian Real Estate Association of America, and advisor to the Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce, added VALUE by initiating innovative activities for member development and programming to help the community of businesses.

Also currently authoring books.

2016 - Current Red Apple Group, Inc. / Real Estate 

Added VALUE by Identification and Valuation of Real Estate for Purchase based on Applying  Due Diligence Techniques learned in M&A work, Chamber activity, Critical Information  Organization, and Financial Skills 

• 200+ RE Properties and Development sites evaluated in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan,  and the Bronx. 

• Off Market and Broker. 

• Used EVERY existing contact in NYC Government, City Planning, NYCEDC, etc to  identify opportunities; and, to determine facts about property / areas being evaluated. • Regularly attended off hour meetings: Community Board, Civic Association Meetings,  Networking in Real Estate; Bisnow, various Chambers of Commerce, etc. • Created NEW neighborhood-by-neighborhood database Track market and value  facts in relation to other indicators to determine best ROI for RAG Real Estate. • Opened channels with eLabsNYC for LifeScience and other opportunities relating to  Real Estate / Future Tenants / Investment. Explore opportunity for NYC and NYS  GRANTS to support future tenants in this area. 

• Continuous Networking, forming NEW relationships with professionals and VIPS,  creating access to opportunity for the company. 

• Represented RAG with various Chambers and created special opportunities. • Neighborhood evaluations and Checklists. 

• Exploring Place-making for possible application in development / investment markets.

2014 - 2016 Red Apple Group, Inc. / Energy 

Added VALUE after Acquisition of Hess Accounts by Upgrading Organization as Head of Sales  for Energy Division after purchase from Bankruptcy. 

• Recruited and Hired professional Sales people to replace Hess people and prepare  company for Transition on 5,000 high volume accounts. 

• Created Territory Assignments & Sales Management Strategy. 

• De-concentrated volume held by two sales people. 

• Worked with Head of IT to identify and Fix Account Records in core customer database. • Created 3 Line Report to track history, current, and projected volume across 12-24-36  month view. 

• Focused on recovery of Lost / Deactivated Accounts. 

• Installed new CRM and Daily Reporting Tracking. 

• Captured Sales Contact Records traditionally held by each Sales Representative. • Developed Projection process for wholesale accounts. 

• Created Contract Selling Strategy for Wholesale volume which included innovative  Bracket Pricing to compete with Spot Buying in the market. 

• Opened relationships with top Property Management Companies. 

• Eyes and Ears for owner. 

• Touched all areas of operation. 

• Sales Skills and Performance Appraisals. 

• Trade Show and Media Presence. 

• Professional Sales Kits and Literature. 

• Opened breakthrough relationships with four major institutional buyers. • Created an ANNUAL GOLF OUTING bringing Wholesale Customers and Riverhead  VIPS together. 

2013 John Catsimatidis, Candidate for Mayor, NYC 2013 

Added VALUE to Mayoral Candidate Campaign by helping to organize Diversity Markets in  Queens and Brooklyn. 

• Romanian. 

• Slovak / Czech. 

• Caribbean-American. 

• Organized and Participated in Press Conference for Asia Press. 

• Added value by providing platform on OurLIC for JAC leading to Cats Roundtable. 

2008 - 2015+ Founder Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce 

Added VALUE to Long Island City / Astoria Communities as Founder of Long Island City /  Astoria Chamber of Commerce, and Developer of OurLIC. 

• Established Board and Bylaws. 

• Grew Membership to 200+ companies. 

• Monthly Member Meetings with multiple VIP Guests. 

• Active role as liaison with NYC NYS Government. 

• Community Symposium on Place-making.

• Lead, Guide, and Organized Developing Community. 

• Actively interfaced with FEMA and SBA during and after Superstorm Sandy.  

2007 - 2014 Rainbow Pages, Inc. 

Added VALUE to Community by Developing the Leading multimedia, interactive online service  of Long Island City / Astoria. 

• OurLIC brought News and Video to residents and investors. 

• Proprietary Content Management System for Video, Photography, and Text integration  from database to single page. 

• Grew to serve 100,000 monthly users with News, Community profiles, and Advertising. 

1992 - 2014 Rainbow Pages, Inc. 

Added VALUE to the Commercial Development of the Internet as Developer and Investor in  Branded Services through Proprietary Technology and Domains. 

• Started in 1992/93 included among very first Microsoft Network  

developers (AccessBusinessOnline Bridge to the Future; 800 Publications / Microsoft /  ATT). 

• BizWiz Searchable Connection Engine / Matching Engine / Lazy Susan across 186  Industries. 15 mill users. 600,000 subscribers. 

• CLICKIT Shopping Search Engine with 30,000,000 products updated daily for price and  availability from 3,000 Brand name vendors. 

• CityEntree private Label Travel Booking Engine supported by 15,000 Hotels, 60,000  Restaurants, 6,000 Tours worldwide. 

• Capitalist Direct to identify and MATCH worthwhile Capital Seekers with Capital Sources and Intermediaries. 

• EZEx originally offered as Business Services plan to FedEx at time of Kinko's  acquisition. 

• Engineered hundreds of Branded domain services using central, proprietary technology. • Mastered computer Server Administration including Operating System language and  scripting. UNIX, Centos OS, SQL, PHP, Perl. 

1983 - 1995 Business Development Group, Inc. 

Added VALUE to Client Companies as M&A Intermediary, Management  Consultant, and Outsource Executive. 

• Continuously Traveled All 48 Continental United States plus Canada and England for  Client Assignments and Implementation. 

• Recognized Authority. Featured Speaker: Managing for Growth and Profit. Target  Account Management. 

• Portfolio analysis, acquisition and divestiture. 

• City Newspapers (eg. Atlanta Journal & Constitution; Minneapolis Star Tribune) • Directories.

• Specialty areas of Travel and Tourism, Legal Publishing, Real Estate, Apartment  Guides, Local Classified-Only Periodicals. 

• Compiled key factors of Economic Development into database from data gathered from  50 Largest Cities Departments of Economic Development. 

• Compiled database of all major magazines for business, industry, finance, and  institutions. Updated daily from multiple outside sources and used for trend analysis. • Over 50 M&A Deals for UBP, United Newspapers, Advanstar, Hayden, Penton,  Supermarket Good Neighbor, Cox, Jablon, Southam, Washington Magazine, etc. • Campbell's Soup Company: Initiated, developed, and managed installation of a Soup  and Salad Bar, and Drive Thru Soup, test in Burger King and McDonalds.  

1983 - 1995 Business Development Group, Inc. 

Added VALUE to Companies by Creating Proprietary Training and Management Development  programs on contract for largest Media Companies Worldwide. 

• Hearst Publishing, Penton Publishing, Southam, NYT Magazine Group, Cox Enterprises,  Cowles Media, Meredith Publishing, FOLIO, Supermarket Communication Systems,  Good Neighbor, and others. 

• Authored POWER SELLING and TeleSelling Manuals 

1975 - 1983 Lebhar-Friedman Publishing 

Added VALUE by New Strategy for Sales and Publishing as Executive at Largest Publisher of  RETAIL Trade Newspapers for large Multi-Unit companies. 

• Trade Work / Reader Calls. 

• Proposal Selling. 

• Initiated Quarterly Reviews at Coca Cola. 

• Edged to #1 Market share from #4. 

• Met with hundreds of RETAIL Executives across operations, merchandising, purchasing,  marketing, including executive suite and founders. 

• In many cases, debriefed Executives of Retail Chains at their HQ for up to three  consecutive days, and prepared reports. 

• Met with Brokers and Distributors to RETAIL to understand Flow of Commerce in  RETAIL Markets, and relationship between BUYER AND SELLER. 

• Repeatedly RESEARCHED the Buyer / Seller Relationship and prepared reports.  

1969 - 1975 Petersen Publishing Company and ZIFF DAVIS Publishing Company 

Added VALUE to Special Interest Publisher's Magazine by creating the Petersen Action Group  to compete against Sports Illustrated, Playboy, and Esquire. 

• Broke through the predominant men's magazine media-buy in 1970's. • Thousands of Ad pages purchased by Major Consumer Brand name like Gillette, Schick  Remington, Carling Brewing, Tuborg Beer, Heublein, Buxton, etc. 


Created VALUE for local manufacturing and retail companies while working my way through  College. 


Created VALUE for High School and Students by: 

• Creating Intercity Youth Council and becoming its President. 

• Elected President of local community B'nai Brith Youth Organization (AZA). • Constructing a fully operational Amateur Radio Station with FCC License.

Updated April 19, 22 



Arthur Rosenfield's Accomplishments


Experience, Contacts, and Knowledge to Create VALUE in Markets, Support Growth, and Increase Profit.

by Applying Proven Strategies

Strategic, Financial, and Business Development Group

Arthur Rosenfield

Accomplishments as a Lifelong Value Creator

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