Why Arthur Rosenfield

Knowledge     Experience    Contacts    Wisdom     Vision

Arthur Rosenfield


● Trusted.

● Lifelong career as a Value Creator.

● Especially experienced with extra large financial and strategic  goals based on a VISION.

● Natural ability to motivate people, and leadership skills.

● Well rounded entrepreneurial experience in many markets and business functions.

● Recognized talents and skills in Sales Management, Sales, Marketing, PR, Deal Making, and Community Organizing.

● Ability to research, understand, and write about issues and trends in a helpful and valuable way.

● Natural talent and ability to apply interpersonal experience to network, lead, guide, educate, and organize.

● Unique experience and ability to organize business, community, and charitable events, and to add perspective to the meaning of those events.

● Special talent and skill for leveraging business experience; and, for getting things done.

● Ability to identify needs; and provide solutions that create value.

● Continuously building skills, knowledge, and contacts that enable value creation.

● Ability to unlock value creation through technology and digital empowerment.

● Talent for writing.

● Demonstrated Loyalty and Commitment.

● Has experience assigned to Special Projects reporting directly to John Catsimatidis, CEO Red Apple Group for all divisions and all areas of John's interest necessary for success.

● Founder and President of a Chamber of Commerce in New York City.

● Author of Corporate Core Competency Manuals for Owners, C-Suite Executives, Managers, and Staff.