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For too many, THE LADDERS OF LIFE are still difficult to find...or to climb. 

Here is what we mean by LADDERS OF LIFE.  How can we cooperate and collaborate to help.


It starts with teaching children HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL.


Article: June 4, 2020

By Arthur Rosenfield
Founder and President of Long Island City / Astoria Chamber
of Commerce 


by Arthur Rosemfield


We all grieve for George Floyd.

I was moved and humbled by the eulogy by Reverend Al Sharpton, and feel the pain of the Floyd family. I am also sensitive to injustice put upon people unlawfully, by anyone, for any reason.

This country was hard to build. Blacks were part of the building and the making of this country, the greatest country in the world. It is not the color of skin that makes this country great. It is the color of ALL SKIN. It is the hearts, minds, and souls of ALL the diverse people who have come here and built neighborhoods and communities. It was done with respect for Law and Order and the commitment we share for The American Dream. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness can not be achieved through violence and giving in to rioters, provocateurs, and those who want to destroy the foundatiom of this country by hijacking a pain filled moment in time.

But...Here is MY gripe...and I mean this as a guide for ALL of us of all colors going forward.

Revered Sharpton clearly showed respect when he spoke out that this is "a different time". Indeed it is. 

However, Sharpton missed the opportunity to define this new time by shifting the narrative to one that would return to the non-violent leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King to lift the black community from the true, underlying cause. He did not reach for the change that is possible and necessary to finally break cycles of poverty in our neighborhoods.

He never mentioned the people dying unneccessarily on streets filled with violence across America where protests by peaceful people honoring George Floyd have been hijacked by people and groups with motives to do damage to their intent and their communities.

Condalesa Rice points out that there is a "witches brew" revealed by Covid-19 crisis.

• Race

• Poverty

• Lack of Opportunity

So I a way to set a guide for ALL of us GOING FORWARD.


Where are the black mothers and fathers demanding teacher accountabilty and better curriculum for their kids?  Why focus on law enforcement that protects a community when the true enemy that damages the future of their children is *tenure* and fundamental, daily apathy and cover-up in the school system. Why protect teacher unions and administrators who have damaged education while police take blame for the acts of a handful of  bad cops.  Kids are being "killed" every day in every classroom. The knee is on their imagination and their curiosity.

HOW can we help these mothers and fathers NOW?

Why aren't we demanding that cops clean the gangs out  of neighborhoods? These gang members kill, rape, abuse, and destroy  youth,  and rob communities of resources and pride much more than police do.  These gangs have their choke holds around the necks of our children.

Why didn't mothers and fathers complain in NYC when 10,000 criminals were released from Rikers Island to return to their neighborhoods to influence the impressionable children of those mothers and fathers?

HOW can we help these mothers and fathers NOW?

Why is bail reform not a topic of protest? The law requires criminals to be released immediately to return to neighborhoods IMMEDIATELY after committing a serious crime.  They thumb their nose at the women being raped, stores being robbed,  banks being robbed, children being made sexual chattle.

And Bail Reform has created a law enforcement vacuum which attract career criminals to our New York City neighborhoods to influence impressionable children.

Let's focus on the things that raise CONFIDENCE  and DIGNITY in children rather than making them feel inferior and victims and afraid of their neighbors and police.  Ask children if they are more afraid of the cop on the beat, or the loitering gangs that control their street and push drugs.

Every day, the Police Athletic League (PAL) makes after school programs available in neighborhood facilities to give children a chance to reach their promise. It is a program that helps kids learn that the Police in their neighborhood are there to help them and protect them...not hurt them.  PAL helps kids with their own  LADDER OF LIFE and how to achieve their promise.

Other organizations have strategies that do similar things such as LegalOutreach, Urban Upbound, Fresh Air Fund, Outward Bound, Zone126, Kiwanis Kids, Lions Kids, Variety Boys and Girls Club, etc. in NYC.  These and similar organizations are all over the country. Their programs need to be brought into school curriculum and supported.

HOW can we help these organizations NOW?

It is hard for me to watch the energy being put into the narrative that does not lift the access of children and adults through the education and economic LADDERS OF LIFE. 

Do you think these riots are a teaching moment for THEIR PRIDE?  It is the opposite. 

The black people I know  have family members and friends who are respected members of the police force.  They are men and women who risk their lives every day on our streets for all of us.  Our police departments across America are diverse, and filled with dedicated professionals committed to OUR neighborhoods

A good man was executed by a bad cop. I want this to stop. They apparently knew Derek Chauvin was seriously off. He apparently had a history, as did the Minneapolis police department. We need to flush out bad cops and clean bad policies. We need to remove those who created and promoted and sheltered them. ZERO tolerance.

Bad cops need to be gone. No exceptions.  Regular training and testing.

 Civilian leaders need to lead.

In the 1980's New York City experienced a serious rise in crime. The solution was a policy known as "Safe Streets. Safe City". It began in 1991 and reduced crime by adding police officers to City streets. Through investment in building a strong, well trained NYPD, New York City became one of the safest cities in the world.  Safety is a priority for ALL Americans who want to raise their children in safe neighborhoods. Without safety, a successful life in the city is not possible. Safe Streets are the basis for THE LADDERS OF LIFE.

For too many, THE LADDERS OF LIFE are still difficult to find...or to climb. 

Here is what I mean by LADDERS OF LIFE.  How can we cooperate and collaborate to help.


It starts with teaching children HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Martin Luther King's Dream became a viral idea before the internet. The DREAM SPREAD. It became a collection of DREAMS... THE DREAMS OF AMERICANS. ALL AMERICANS.

***EVERYONE in America is more empowered today because of the Civil Rights movement and the Leadership, the Vision, the Courage, and most of all the expression of the Dream of Dr. King.***  EVERYONE. Every minority has benefitted.

I would like to say a few words about the ECONOMIC LADDER of personal success and Empowerment.

While there has been progress,  the ECONOMIC LADDER OF PERSONAL SUCCESS remains the challenge of the promise of the great America that Dr. King's Dream represents.  While progress has been made, Dr. King's Dream of breaking cycles of poverty and prejudice seems to still allude us. Progress is slower than we want. This is the true challenge of  our time for all to have access to the American Dream.

Empowerment means personal self confidence.

"If you can do it, I can do it."

How do we approach opportunities, communicate, and compete effectively.


- Education 



     Career Pipeline Plan.

     Support of School Choice.



- Adding Trade Schools

     Key Skills Curriculum for Career sectors that are key to the economy.

- Identify talents and gifts of children

- Strengthen core Family

- Create Jobs 

- Mentoring

- Entrepreneurship and ADD VALUE to community

- Economic Paths to create wealth.

      Home ownership.


      Access to capital and professional support.



- Strengthen your Community, Institutions, and Government.  

     Vote. Study the issues and policies.

     Demand Civics and strong English language curriculum in schools.

     Active participation.

     Support for Law and Order.

     Engage with local school teachers and administrators.

     Be a critical thinker.

     Be a family that prays together.

- For a better society, hold your elected officials ACCOUNTABLE.

       They cannot turn their heads because they accept donations from groups and unions that effectively pass legislation for them. 

We can do this if 'TOGETHER' is our strategy.

GOD Bless America.




All legislation to support THE ROSENFIELD DEAL NOW.

A NEW Civil Rights Agenda for our times:

1. School choice instead of bathroom choice.

2. Measuring standards that don't drop black men and women from US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR TRACKING unemployment. EVERY BUSINESSMAN KNOWS THAT YOU CAN'T FIX SOMETHING IF YOU DON'T MEASURE IT.

3. Restoring a sense of pride and dignity to everyone, everyday.

4. An Education focusing on Career Curriculum for schools.

5. A mentoring program.

6. Increased participation in law enforcement

7. Remove gangs from neighborhoods.

8. Break the cycle of poverty and create escape from dependence that limits the spirit, talent, and dreams of people.

9. Invest in economic development in areas where African American concentration of Housing has resulted in discouraged private industrial development. Training to build labor pools that support community planning.

10. Promote African American Culture and Art inside the neighborhoods.

11. Support for African American representation in Trade Associations and Industries.

12. Better Support for minority owned entrepreneurship in neighborhood similar to EB5 Criteria. 50 year tax zones.

A chicken in every pot was promised when people were hungry.

The new deal then. The ROSENFIELD DEAL NOW

© Copyright. Arthur Rosenfield. All Rights Reserved 1995-2024 

© Copyright. Arthur Rosenfield. All Rights Reserved 1995-2024 

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